The itch


Sketchbook scan / When to stop?
biro ink on recycled paper
approx 98 × 116mm

“I have no story, which is why I am a painter. Beckett has a line about itching to make something with nothing to say. You know if you have got the itch.”

From an interview in The Guardian with the English painter George Shaw.

TV drawing


Sketchbook scan
ink on recycled paper
98 × 116mm

Made while half watching TV. Not that the TV was bad, more that sometimes I find it useful to be partially distracted when making this kind of drawing.

Wall work ideas in Photoshop

Blue wall work split across to walls - mock up Yellow wall work on floating screen - mock up Orange wall work on end wall - mock up

Wall work studies
Photoshop mock up

Looking at the three works above I can’t help but think the practicalities to efficiently execute them.

The yellow one is the simplest, but the blue and orange pieces will require an awful lot of tape and masking. For both works it’s the long continuous outside edge which causes the biggest challenge.

In deciding which works to use (or not) I have to consider not only the practicalities of both the install and de-install times but also the way the different works relate to each other in the show and how everything works as a whole.

Swiss repeat


Repeat pattern repeated
felt tip pen on paper
approx 840 × 840mm

Something I made on the weekend at an enjoyable “Swiss Repeat” pattern workshop with Greta Menzies at Toi Pōneke.