Eye candy


Scribbles, scrawls, stripes, spaceships, socks & sandals, sports courts and something sculptural.

Awkward Yellow


acrylic on canvas
250 × 200mm

I added the “frame” to this painting yesterday. There is an awkwardness to this work, and the yellow is a bit full-on (if something can be a bit full-on).

Is it finished, is it complete? I am uncertain.

Is every element pulling its weight? What if I take one element away? What if I add something new?

Keen to push the work to places where I feel uncomfortable and uncertain – this is where things get interesting.

International Playboy

Here are a couple of John Baldessari things I enjoyed yesterday…

A Brief History of John Baldessari.
Narrated by Tom Waits. (5min 55sec)

And from an interview towards the end of another You Tube video:

Baldessari: Being an artist is also a life of sacrifice. You’re always, you know, having to give up something. I know that sounds romantic but you just have to get more and more focus, and the more you focus that means the more you have to exclude some things.

Interviewer: Like what?

Baldessari: Being an international playboy… Can’t do that anymore.



Work in progress

…I’ve just got to paint a monochrome.

The “black” consists of Paynes Grey, a splash of Red Oxide and a daub of Phthalo Green (Blue Shade), mixed into a Regular Gel (Semi-Gloss) medium.

I was taught on my foundation course not to use pure black. In doing so, you risk creating a dead hole in a painting, a pit from which the eye struggles to escape. Mixing a black avoids the pit, creates something more subtle, more mysterious and hopefully, more interesting.

Little Guy


Untitled (#25)
acrylic on canvas
200 × 250mm

Resisting the temptation of overworking, this little guy initially felt awkward to me. After living with it for a few days, I’m appreciating the composition, colours, and variety of this painting. It’s not perfect (whatever that is) but it’s feeling complete.