Three things from the last two weeks

1. The paintings of Bernard Piffaretti

Painting by Bernard Piffarettie. Black lines on white ground.

Bernard Piffaretti
Untitled (2005)
acrylic on canvas
38 1/8 × 57 3/8 × 7/8 inches
© Bernard Piffaretti

I’ve been aware of Piffaretti’s work before now and reading this article brought them to my attention again. I can’t help but look and keep looking at his work – it’s a spot-the-difference game coupled with the how-did-he-make-it question. And then there’s the language of gesture, of impulse and expression being undermined by the careful but not a one hundred percent accurate repetition – you see drips and small differences. They’re clever paintings and leave me wanting to know more.

2. I’ve got the moves by Habibi

Record sleeve image.


A great little song. And yes, I’m adding I’ve got the moves to my list of titles – just got to find the right work for it.

3. Gordon Walters at Te Papa

Gordon Walters, Untitled (X).

Untitled (X) 1989
Private collection, Auckland
Courtesy of the Gordon Walters Estate

Good to finally see some of Walters’ work in the flesh at Te Papa. It helped me put some of Simon Morris’ early work in context for me. I also felt very aware of my European heritage when looking at Walters’ work. My art history and exposure is, not surprisingly, different to my New Zealand peers – I’ve mentioned before how only after spending three months exploring the the landscape of the South Island did the work of Colin McCahon begin to make sense to me.

In this instance, while Walters is perhaps best known for his koru works, it was the works talking to European and American minimalism and abstraction which resonated with me.

A stocky, blocked black, white, and grey work of considered and subtle proportions reminded me of Sean Scully’s work. It had a real nice weight and presence to it.

A quiet, pale lilac / grey and white work of horizontal stripes with, I think, four asymmetrical interventions was gorgeous. I’m sorry I can’t find an image of it.

And a smaller canvas, pictured above, from the Transparencies works caught my too. Those colours, that blue for the overlap, are perfect.

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