New Year, New Work



Both works:
acrylic on canvas
200 × 250mm

Happy New Year! And let’s start with something colourful, especially for those of you locked down in the Northern Hemisphere.

These recent works see me recycling selected paintings from my 52 Weeks 52 Colours project. At first I was reluctant to break up the series however, every artist reaches a point where old work needs to be destroyed or recycled. And let’s be frank, not every piece is worth keeping.

Feeling my way back into painting with these works I seem to be playing with different types of visual language – drawing, over painting, sanding and more.

Of the eleven surfaces I’ve got on the go, seven quite different works are in a state of completion (for now at least). There’s one work I’ve sanded back and left as is. The remaining three pieces will run their course before I stop, assess and work out what next.


I’ve just realised I’ve made no journal posts for a year. I’m going to blame my concussion, among other things. I did send out newsletters though - sign up if you’d like to join my mailing list

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