Rest and rest

An arrangement of aircon units and pipes caught my eye.

I’ve been purposely staying away from the studio this week as it’s in the art centre, where my old part-time job was. I’m keen to separate from what was and whatever is coming next.

I’ve been watching the tv show Severance, going for the occasional walk, and reading the Sherlock Holmes Cthulu Casebook Series, written not by Conan Doyle but by James Lovegrove.

Am I rested?
I’m getting there.

Has it been easy?
Hmm, not always. A day of melancholy (or something similar) yesterday as I began to get bored and wonder what to do with myself. And yet, I know this boredom is no bad thing. I can already feel myself wanting to read some non-fiction. I’m doodling here and there. I’m writing singular thoughts and observations. Perhaps something longer may grow from one of these. Conceivably, a doodle or photograph may morph into a painting or three. I’m in no rush – these things can take their time.

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