New drawings, new studio

The process

Pin new paper to wall × 4.
Fill water jug.
Shake black Golden Acrylic Flow paint (the ball rattles).
Squirt a small amount of paint into a small ceramic cup.
Add a dash of water mix.
Sit on a chair facing the wall.
Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes.
Get up and walk to the paint and brush. Pick them up.
Stand in front of the first piece of paper (the one to the left).
Move the cup and brush towards the paper.
Load brush.
Load brush.
Paint, load, paint, load. Repeat until done.
Move to the second sheet of paper.
Repeat the load and paint process.
Move to third, repeat.
Move to fourth, repeat till done.
Step back and let dry.

The why

A way to paint without thinking, to unlock, to excavate and transform the black dust. Not an expression of something but a manifestation of something. The action, the (non) thought, and the feeling – combined.

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