Pretty ugly

Work in progress
acrylic on board
480 × 480mm

Hands a little damp and cold after washing my brushes. A couple of hours of painting and five pieces have been moved forward. Well, moved somewhere. The smallest work needs a black corner changed to a blue and that may be enough. One of the square panels, is looking pretty ugly and I’m unsure as to where it’s going. There are great details in it, which I’ll no doubt have to lose before the work is finished. The third piece, another square panel, feels slower and probably needs to be worked in such a way. A smaller panel lies flat, the thin paint drying. It’s still got some way to go. As for the fifth panel I’m tempted to paint most of it a flat mid grey – well, as flat as the underlying textures will allow. Right now much of what I’m working on feels uncertain and up in the air, so I’ve got to trust the process.

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