Two works in progress

Work in progress, small canvas with abstract blue, pale orange, yellow and grey forms. Gary Peters. Work in progress, small canvas with yellow, blue, green, red and grey abstract forms. Gary Peters.

Two small works in progress, 2018

I started a couple of small (8 × 10” / 203 × 254mm) pieces this week. Yesterday, I wasn’t too sure about them. They felt garish and somewhat unstable, though of course are still works in progress.

This morning however I’m feeling quite differently about them. I’m enjoying the rapid development possible in works this size and am remembering how losing my initial marks is necessary to find a resolution for the painting. There’s something quite manageable in working at this size and I’m very tempted to go out and buy half a dozen of these small canvases to see happens.

I’ve also been thinking back to my One for you, one for me project from 2010 – yes, it was that long ago – and am wondering if there’s a way to run an updated version of it. If there is, you’ll be the first to know.

Works in progress on studio wall, One for you one for me project  c.2010.

Works in progress during my project One for you, one for me, 2010.

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